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  • The company was founded in 1926 by Mr. Messias Baptista, who served as chairman until 1973. The management is now held by the descendants of the same family.
    Caves Messias produces high quality wines from several demarcated regions: Dão, Bairrada, Douro, Vinho Verde, Beiras, Península de Setúbal and Vinho do Porto. The company is also known for the high quality of its Champagne method Sparkling wines and aged Brandies. Messias is based at Mealhada, a small city in central Portugal, in the heart of Bairrada region. Here the company has over 60 000 square meters of plants, and approximately 160 ha of vineyards, of which 70 are dedicated to the production of the famous wines of The Quinta do Valdoeiro (Estate).
    At Ferradosa (Douro Valley), Messias owns 200 ha of land being, 110 ha occupied with vineyards for the production of Port Wine and Douro Quinta do Cachão. There are over 5 000 square meters, for wine making, stocking and ageing.
    The bottling of Vinho do Porto takes place at Vila Nova de Gaia in 10 000 square meters area. A branch office and shipment division are based there.
    Within its policy of investments in the production area, Messias acquired in 2000, 4 estates with vineyards in the Dão wine region.
    These acquisitions, in a short term, will allow the company to be self-sufficient of wines of that region, with the desired patrons of quality. A new wine making plant with the most updated technology, is planned.
    In the same plan of expansion, the company just started the commercialization of wines of the Peninsula de Setubal region.
    In its own vineyards, Messias continues to test Portuguese grape varieties, and supported by new technologies of vinification, selects which produce unique and quality wines. Thanks to a well-planned production and marketing strategies, Messias is one of the few groups which produces and sells a complete range of wines and spirits from the finest Portuguese regions, and its own estates.
    Export markets have recognized the quality of Messias wines, and account for 65% of the sales on five continents.